Work? what\’s that?

What I did yesterday (and so far this morning) instead of homework:

  • Found the coolest Gilmore girls site: Audiophile. What an awesome idea!

  • Over-ate at Olive Garden.. mmm, chocolate lasagna. Happy end-of-birthday-week to the Godmommy of Cool!
  • Decided I must make me some of these: Display boards! with my sister\’s help of course since I lack creativity and craftiness of all sorts.
  • Downloaded iMesh and it\’s pretty good, thought it was better than Kazaa at first but I don\’t know, you can\’t have multiple sources for download (ah but you can!) and there are still a lot of pop-ups. It\’s not bad though; I think I\’ll stick with it for a while.

Yeah well. Speaking of work, I must study it as well as accomplish it since I have a physics test on it on Monday! Perhaps I will finally stop wasting time now. I have to go downstairs for lunch anyway. ;)

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