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Oh, hello! I\’m still alive, if you can believe it. Just tired (and lazy). Today I had my scans repeated and the news is not good, as usual. I am basically a walking tumor at this point. :/ It\’s in … Continue reading

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Baguettes and berets

Bonjour! Last day in France. It\’s been a pretty good trip, minus the one sick day I had and the food being just horribly disappointing at first (though we\’ve had some good meals these last couple of days). Pastries and … Continue reading

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Où sont les mecs?

Okay! Should really probably finish packing right about now. So we are definitely, definitely going to France, and I have several more white cells than I did yesterday so that\’s good! Yesterday I got all tanked up on blood and … Continue reading

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Step 1: Learn to bilocate

So I have a schedule for next semester! Unfortunately, it\’s terrible. Currently, it\’s looking like I\’ll have to figure out how to be in about 3 places at once several times a week. The actual classes seem okay though, as … Continue reading

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Yesss! Just finished my history midterm make-up. Now I just have one more exam to make up, yay! We\’re getting there, just a little slowly. This morning I had an Italian test, but I don\’t think I did too well … Continue reading

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Keyword: sleepy

Hellllp I feel so useless. I spent most of yesterday sleeping, so I didn\’t get any studying done for my psych make-up midterm until the evening and then it took me till midnight just to finish studying and making my … Continue reading

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Another weekend gone

Hooray, done with round 2 of chemo. Had to come home for the weekend to finish it up because the outpatient center at UVA is closed and otherwise I\’d have had to be admitted into the hospital there, ugh. No … Continue reading

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