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Friday stream of consciousness

Hooray! Friday! Ooh, my dad just got home from work and asked me to guess what celebrity he saw today. How exciting! He\’s working downtown now, so I guess that\’s one of the perks. Anyway, it was Michael Douglas, who … Continue reading

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Just Wednesday

Oof. I am sore. Either my gym session has caught up to me, or filing charts is more of a workout than I thought! Mmm, food anomalies. My favorite is the potatoes that spell \”I LOVE U.\” :)

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Weekend Pictures

Ocean City Chesapeake Bay (More pictures from the weekend.) Sooo. How\’s it going? I was slightly less tired today. That was good. Yesterday I actually finally went to a gym (Cub Run), with Allison. I wanted to do the bike … Continue reading

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Oh man. I\’m so tired. It was a really fun weekend but I need sleep nowwww. Ocean City was good, mostly just laid on the beach (and in my case, burned my feet, ouch!) and ate ice cream. Saturday afternoon … Continue reading

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A Friday kind of Thursday

You know what\’s REALLY, REALLY ANNOYING? When a 7-mile trip home from work takes 50 minutes. No apparent cause for the traffic or anything. Good golly. I wanted to cry. Anyway, feeling better now as I have some Chinese food … Continue reading

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Stimpson J. Cat

Poor Stimpy! He went to the vet today and he has diabetes. :/ I mostly already knew … he\’s had a lot of the symptoms (including peeing in weird places … NAMELY, a box in my room that had my … Continue reading

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Sitting in the corner with the dunce hat

Okay, I obviously should not be going to UVA since I am too stupid to even figure out how to find my housing assignment. Yeesh. It\’s supposed to be up today but I have NO IDEA where. And hopefully it\’s … Continue reading

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