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Movies and Books

Today I saw Batman Begins and it was excellent! Ah, Christian Bale. He made me get \”Carrying the Banner\” stuck in my head throughout most of the movie. Anyway, it was really good, though my brother pointed out a major … Continue reading

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Back in the States

HOME again! It was an absolutely fantastic trip, up until our connecting flight to Dulles last night (delayed, then cancelled, so at 8pm we rented a car and drove home, and got back at 1am, whew!). Will put up pictures … Continue reading

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They say \”eh\” instead of \”what\” or \”duh\” —

— that\’s the mighty power of Canada! Had a very fun weekend with Vanessa and her family and her Spanish church group! We went to Niagara Falls (they go every year, and I went a couple years ago too) and … Continue reading

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Is it Friday yet?

Terrible news today! I went to see my doctor and he says my leg is doing really great. (Okay, well, that\’s not the terrible part.) But so I can\’t go to physical therapy anymore. :( I\’m so sad about this! … Continue reading

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Can\’t… Take… It…

Oh man. Okay. Just two more days of craziness and then vacation and fun YAY. But beCAUSE of vacation, a million things must be packed into the next two days. I had all my tests redone today at Children\’s (luckily … Continue reading

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I can\’t BELIEVE Michael Jackson got acquitted. How does that even happen?? Ugh. And does FOX really have to show that news instead of The Simpsons? ;) Work was pretty good today; we\’ve got another phone receptionist so I\’m not … Continue reading

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Grill pan!

Beautiful, no? It\’s the grill pan I got today at Williams-Sonoma with my birthday gift card! They also let me exchange the microplane I got for my birthday for a different size (I wanted a finer grater). Really nice service … Continue reading

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