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Don\’t even bother reading this

So… TiVo has been automatically recording some odd stuff for me lately. When I first got it, before I set up my own recording stuff, it took the liberty of assuming I was an 11-year-old boy and found some exciting … Continue reading

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In the end, it\’s all about soup.

Michelle and I saw Melinda & Melinda. I liked half of it! Well, it was the same story, shown alternately as a tragedy and as a comedy; I enjoyed the comic part but the tragic parts were drawn out and … Continue reading

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Tuesday Ramblings

Today I ate a lot of chocolate. Mmm, chocolate. I changed my mind about that no sugar thing. Sugar is my friend. My mom and sister went to Cancun today for vacation. Apparently my sister wants to get her bellybutton … Continue reading

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Sky Captzzzzzzzzz

Today my dad and I watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Our advice to you: Don\’t waste your time! (It was cool-looking, though.)

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New mascot?

Tomato Face says: HAPPY EASTER, PUNY HUMANS! Starting tomorrow, I\’m going to attempt to eat less sugar. How exactly do I do this?

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La Pizza

I watched The Secret Life of Pizza. Guess what I want now? That\’s right … chicken! No, I kid. It\’s pizza. I went shopping with my mom and sister this morning (Kohl\’s sale! yes!) and amazingly found some pants that … Continue reading

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Don\’t worry…

Bananas aren\’t going anywhere. (Sadly, trip to JMU is canceled. I will just have to console myself with cookies and shopping tomorrow, I guess!)

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