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Will dance for candy!

Happy Halloween! I\’m not usually awake for the time change, and this double 1am thing is a little spooky. Not really, I\’m just trying to get in the Halloween mood. Really though, it is pretty weird. I am so bad … Continue reading

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I hate teenagers.

OK it definitely sounds like someone just SMASHED MY CAR WINDOW!!! What is WRONG with people? And the alarm is going off… geez. Well, okay, slight overreaction. I\’m sorry. They didn\’t break my window. They broke my mirror! Some kid … Continue reading

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random photo time

here is a picture I took at a museum last summer while at governor\’s school. one of my favorites. ;) ok. time for sleep now! ps: speaking of pictures, I felt like organizing some of my photos so I did! … Continue reading

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Mmm grammar

Hmm. I\’m gonna assume my PT stretches are working because my leg has been hurting today and it hasn\’t in a while. I guess that could also mean that I\’m doing them wrong, but I\’ll stick to my optimism, thankyouverymuch! … Continue reading

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I actually accomplished everything on my to-do list for today! Wow. Possibly a first time for that. First PT appt. today. It was pretty easy stuff, just bending and stretching. I need to rebuild the muscles in my right leg … Continue reading

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Goodbye insomnia?

I think my nap deprivation today worked \’cause I am sleeeepy! This is especially good because I have physical therapy (finally!) tomorrow at 12:30 and the past couple days I haven\’t gotten up till noon. Yikes. Tonight I made ghost … Continue reading

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Ah, the sweet smell of victory at 4 in the morning. I don\’t actually know how I fixed it, but fixed it is! So we\’re running on WordPress now, my friends. This better take care of that crazy comment spam.

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