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Beach Chemo Week!

Hm, can I change my hair loss bet from next Monday to, like, this Wednesday? Turns out the washing of the hair isn\’t so good for the.. keeping it in. Oh well. Now I get to wear my Caps cap! … Continue reading

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Ciao, hair!

The Hair is no more! Got it all chopped off today. I don\’t know how many inches. Hm. Gave the ponytail to Locks of Love though, and then got the rest cut.. short. It looks okay though. Maybe I look … Continue reading

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Hair today…

Hmm. I guess, in the future, if I go MIA for at least two days? You can safely assume I\’m back at the hospital. I did okay Monday and Tuesday with grad practices, but then Tues. afternoon wasn\’t feeling so … Continue reading

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Ah, adulthood.

Our first graduation practice today! I did not fall down! Good sign so far. We have another tomorrow at the National Shrine, where grad. will actually be, on FRIDAY! I haven\’t really thought about it yet. That we will actually … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to meee

Oh HI! Remember me? It\’s okay, I forgive you if you don\’t. I have been in the hospital pretty much two weeks straight. Yeesh. Well, got home last night, finally, and so far am STILL home! (knocks on wood) Yikes, … Continue reading

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Patient Line Occlusion

Hello Lustig! Readers .. This is La\’s Godmother of Cool doing her best turn as guest blogger for today\’s entry. It was dictated to me from The Goddaughter of Cool herself from her hospital bed at Children\’s Hospital. Please forgive … Continue reading

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We\’re concentrating on falling apart

It\’s a good thing I decided to just not care about how I did on the AP Physics, cuz otherwise I would sure be upset right now. If I get above a 1 I will be ecstatic! Probably should have … Continue reading

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