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Taking Back Sunday – Your Own Disaster

Today! I must… …Yell at the library! They say I have The New Rules of High School out still, but I am 3000% sure I turned it in. …Find a prom dress! Yikes there are only two weeks left. :| … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to meee

Ooh the Japanese steakhouse was every bit as exciting as I had hoped!! Look, a heart made out of fried rice! Mm so good. Ney told them it was my birthday.. how could you lie to the Japanese like that, … Continue reading

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The Rocket Summer – My Typical Angel

Stairs are no longer my friend. (Hm, though. Were they ever?) W&M tomorrow! I wonder if it will change anything. If I had to pick right now, it would probably be UVA. Really didn\’t see that one coming, actually! Also … Continue reading

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AW! Man. People are so nice. Some old friends from grade school came by to see how I was. I love everyone. Everyone is awesome. ;) So today was all right. Lots of waiting, blah, but didn\’t get any blood … Continue reading

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The Early November – Ever So Sweet

Hmm so tired again. I want to pose with my toaster just to prove those Mercedes commercials wrong. (Don\’t actually have toaster, though. Could be a problem.) Skipping school tomorrow for doctors\’ appts. Oh will be good times, I\’m sure. … Continue reading

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Don\’t worry, we\’ll all float on all right

I love my friends. They are the best everrr. Mm, Maggiano\’s. My goodness. They never stop feeding you there. It was amazing. We had our Superdance appreciation dinner tonight. YUM. Good thing Ney and I split a piece of cheesecake … Continue reading

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Uh oh

I kind of love UVA. Many people are going to hate me for this. It\’s so pretty. And I got The Feeling. Well, I don\’t know. I really enjoyed it though. I\’m still going to try to check out W&M … Continue reading

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