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Coldplay – Clocks

Yesterday was good. I finally got out of the house! Lunch at Don Pablo\’s with Moe and Michy and then after dinner I went ice skating with Maureen and we got to see Stef, and then Moe and I saw … Continue reading

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The Ataris – You Need a Hug

I finished my last essay! HURRAH! Sure it\’s cheesy, but I don\’t care, so why should the admissions officers? Now I can slack off and watch TV and play video games for the rest of the break. (Of course I … Continue reading

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Death Cab for Cutie – Champagne from a Paper Cup

Ahh Lord of the Precious. I mean ring. It was amazing. And I know everyone else already knew that, but now I do too! Eowyn was awesome. New spokesperson for girl power, maybe. Also I told everyone Sam wasn\’t gay. … Continue reading

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Engineering can be dangerous!

Oh no; I lied. No Legolas for Lauren today! :/ LOTR was sold out, so we saw Paycheck instead, which was actually pretty excellent, despite a horrifying grammar error at the beginning (a newspaper clipping with the headline saying something … Continue reading

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The Darkness – Christmas Time

Oh I am finally going to see Return of the King today!! Hooray, so excited. I watched the extended version of The Two Towers last night. (Wow! Aragorn is 87! …Wow!) So I am extra ready! (Okay I know I … Continue reading

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Frohe Weihnachten!

Merrrrrry Christmas! (I want to throw my nose out!)

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Spreading germs and holiday cheer

I wish it were snowing instead of raining, and I wish I could breathe through my nose. That\’s okay, though: I am totally ready for my Christmas travels! I was sick last Christmas too, though. Isn\’t it someone else\’s turn? … Continue reading

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