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And we\’ll all float on …

Lauren passed into God’s gentle hands peacefully this morning at 12:20 am. Her last three weeks were spent in the “Princess Suite” at Children’s National Medical center and her mom and dad were with her at the end. Saturday was … Continue reading

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Surgergy # what now…?

Ooops, sure haven\’t kept you guys v. updated the past few days — sorry! Grr, still having trouble breathing, too. So frustrating. :( Well, I really AM going to try to keep this a short one (riiiiight) since I\’m drifting … Continue reading

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what is going onnn

ok WHAT? had part of entry typed … realized Grey\’s Anatomy was on … tried to find it on TV with my bed clicker … went 1 too far, and can\’t go back on mine, so asked mom to go … Continue reading

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Nothing new here, but…

Oh, apparently I know nothing. Though I said yesterday (well, now actually two days ago, technically) that I had no idea when I was getting out of here, the word \”discharge\” was bandied about quite a few times in the … Continue reading

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Well, no boring old hospital day for me! Oh no, I wake up (feeling a little nauseated in the first place, unfortunately, which kind of lasted all day, or until after I was done with chemo) and my favorito nurse … Continue reading

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Not much new…

I am on physical therapy now, though. That\’s kinda good, gets me up and walking finallyyy. (It\’s going pretty well too, though got a little tiring today.) And I even remembered my therapist from like, a year and a half … Continue reading

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A Day of Visitors

What fun! First Mary Y, my wonderful nurse practitioner, came to see my mom and me, which was very very nice! I got lovely presents too, including a silly little chocolate chip cookie book (includes recipe!) and a very nice … Continue reading

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